Saturday, January 30, 2021

Writing Prompt: Absolute Power

 Power.  They say it corrupts absolutely.  Sometimes you can really see it.  Whether it's a Facebook group administrator or a President, you can see new leaders flex it, test it, and enjoy it.  Of course, power isn't easy to maintain.  You need presence and charisma or gravitas and fear.  You need also need allies, henchmen, and other mechanisms for exercising your power and enforcing your edicts. 

Mussolini declaring war
 You also have to safeguard power against enemies and rivals.  You have to know when someone is trying to usurp your power from within your entourage.  You also have to survey the political landscape for people who want to oppose you.  Someone out there always wants to fight the power!

Power is truly a tricky thing.  Do you think you could exercise it wisely or justly?  Would you even want to?  You might need the wisdom of Solomon or the ruthlessness of a Stalin.  You might not be able to trust anyone.

Today's writing prompt is to create a story about how you would handle absolute -



If you want to organize your power, try the Battery Daddy as seen on TV.  I bought one recently through Amazon and it's pretty cool.

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