Sunday, September 8, 2019

Writing Prompt: Ancient Treasure

Literature is filled with quests for special items.  From Jason's quest for the golden fleece to Indiana Jones' quest for the Lost Ark, some things people just have to have.  When you look around your home, do you have something that could be special with a little embellishment?

The Golden Rhino
Our collection of nicknacks and home decor items offers many candidates.  For example, we have this golden bust of a rhinoceros head.  Ordinarily, it's just a piece of manly decor to brighten up some Hemingway style home furnishings.  But, when a writer brings imagination, it could be a legendary object.  Perhaps it is the fabled Golden Rhino?

For today's writing prompt, either use something in your home or this piece of Rhino decor and write a short story where it is a fabled object of great importance.  Let it be the kind of object people would fight or kill for.  Write a story of a --

Legendary Object

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