Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Writing Prompt: Choices

It's 2 a.m. and a stolen Honda Accord is flying down an American interstate away from the suburbs and towards a big city.  Inside the car, four teen boys with over 80 criminal offenses between them are looking nervously over their shoulders and in the rear view mirror at an endless parade of flashing blue lights that lights up the sky behind them.  In their wake, the boys have left a dead convenience store clerk, three car crashes, and a wounded police officer.  In the backseat, one of the boys looks down at the pistol laying in his lap.  They see more flashing lights on highway overpasses and on-ramps up ahead.

It's a little late for them start to thinking about their choices now, but as a writer you can think and write about the choices that these young men made.  For today's writing prompt, write about a scenario where one of these young men could have made --

 a different choice for a different destiny.   

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