Sunday, January 26, 2020

Writing Prompt: Update a Classic

Sometimes in American cultural history a work of art is released unto the world and it so perfectly represents a region, a people, and a heritage that it must be remembered forever.  One such work of art is the iconic 1977 movie, Smokey and the Bandit.  It starred the greatest Florida State University alumni of all times, Mr. Burt Reynolds. 
Burt Reynolds (photo by Watkinssportswear [CC BY-SA (])
The plot involved a plan to drive from Atlanta, Georgia, to Texarkana, Texas, and return with a truckload of beer within 28 hours.  The Bandit would run interference in a Pontiac Trans Am and Snowman would drive an 18-wheeler full of beer.

The Bandit's Pontiac Trans Am (Photo Pat Loika [CC BY (])
As a writer, today's challenge is to write a scene from Smokey & the Bandit updated for contemporary times and people.  Today you writing prompt is to 

rewrite a scene from Smokey & the Bandit so that it features a modern Bandit's Toyota Prius.  


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