Friday, December 18, 2020

Writing Prompt: Addictions and Impulses

While this holiday season is a tad subdued due to the ongoing public health crisis, a normal holiday season would include family gatherings, holiday parties, and New Year's Eve Extravaganzas.  For most people, these gatherings are a healthy way to socialize and celebrate the season.  However, there's always someone who get a little carried away.  Folks drink too much and get rowdy.  Some people make ill-

advised sexual advances towards co-workers.  Co-workers often get a glimpse at who has an alcohol or addiction problem in their workplace.  With flirtations and flings in the air, there always seems to be something to fuel office and neighborhood gossip.  It's a good thing that Santa isn't keeping lists of adults.

For today's writing prompt, write a short story about someone who is struggling with 

addiction and/or impulses.

For a phenomenal book featuring a character struggling with sex addiction, check out this title from Jennifer Irwin:

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