Thursday, April 2, 2020

Writing Prompt: The Forbidden

Society is increasingly moving into an era of censorship.  Between the "cancel culture" that aims to eradicate the art of people deemed to be politically incorrect and the "disinformation eradication" efforts of online communities, many people find themselves suspended from Facebook or other social media sites for sharing humor or posts that would have been perfectly acceptable just a few years ago.  Movies and books are altered to satisfy the desires of totalitarian governments and audiences in faraway lands.  For example, the American flag was omitted from the astronaut movie, "First Man," in order to change history and increase the appeal to foreign audiences.

Whether it be through formal censorship by hosting organizations or communal shaming spearheaded by generations with new sensibilities, the result is a chilling effect on free speech, free thought, free religious expression, and free political thought.

For today's writing prompt, write a short essay or piece of fiction that expresses something that you-- 

don't dare write, publish, or post.

Now, I officially advise you to tear it up and eat it or put it through your shredder.  Do what you will.  We may like writing, but we aren't fools.

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