Saturday, August 31, 2019

Writing Prompt: Ready or Not

Disaster Is Coming

Today's writing exercise is a little different and occurs in several parts.  First, imagine that the disaster most likely to affect the place where you live is about to occur.  It could be a hurricane, a tornado, an earthquake, a blizzard, a riot, a blackout, a wildfire, or something different.  What kind of disaster might happen where you live?

NASA image of Hurricane Katrina

Next, write a piece of short fiction where a character (much like you) has everything they need to face the disaster you just imagined.  What would they have?  How would they use it?  Who would they communicate with?  Where would they stay? 

Now, look around your house and compare what your character is prepared with to the items you actually have on hand.  Make a list of what you would need.  Make a list of who you would communicate with.  Make a list of where you would stay.

Do you have your lists?  Great.  Now, put your pens down.  You've completed your writing assignment.  Now your real life assignment is to -
  1. go get some or all of the stuff that's on your list.
  2. get the numbers of the people you would communicate with programmed into your phone.
  3. bookmark the websites for the places you would stay.

September is preparedness month.  Visit  Get ready.  Stay ready!

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