Thursday, September 3, 2020

Writing Prompt: The Villain

If any character is underappreciated in a story, it is the villain.  The villain makes things happen by directing or taking action against the innocent.  The villain has a world view and is willing to make the world comply with it.  The villain is very busy making threats, engaging in malevolent diplomacy, orchestrating minions, and doing dastardly deeds.  Sometimes, it's enough to make a villain want to take a long nap in his tower. Plus, villains clearly have few friends and confidants.  Why else would a villain take a long break from the pressing task of killing a hero to explain the entirety of his evil scheme?  Clearly villains have feelings, have complex motivations, and have reasons to think that they are on the right side of history.  Perhaps the saying that "hurt people hurt people" is right?  The villain is a crucial character that no one seems to love, or understand, or even extend a hug towards.

However, today is different.  Today, we will appreciate the villain for the important role he plays in propelling stories forward.  For today's writing exercise, create a short piece of fiction where  --

the villain is central to the story!

A forboding castle tower like this one on a corner of Britain's Warwick castle is often home to a villain.  Warwick Castle - photo by DeFacto / CC BY-SA (
Warwick Castle - Warwick Castle - DeFacto / CC BY-SA (

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