Saturday, April 25, 2020

Science Fiction Writing Prompt: An Alien with a Twist

Science fiction provides a way for all of us to imagine and interact with alien life forms.  When I think back to some of the most interesting and impactful aliens that I've seen or read about over the years, it seems like "aliens with a twist" is a common and memorable trope.  For example, think of the H.G. Wells classic, War of the Worlds.  The classic radio drama and novel brings alien invaders to Earth.  They thoroughly defeat all that mankind's military can throw their way, but in the end they are (spoiler alert) defeated by our germs.  Think of the classic Star Trek episode, "Trouble with Tribbles," and how they were cute and adorable until they began to multiply and multiply and multiply.

For today's science fiction writing prompt, write a short piece of fiction that involves aliens and includes an integral twist that makes them unique and memorable.  Today's exercise is --

aliens with a twist

Martians vs. HMS Thunderchild - painting by Henrique Alvim Corrêa / Public domain

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