Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Military Thriller Writing Prompt: The Russians Are Coming!

For military thrillers and international spy novels, Tom Clancy was hard to beat.  I loved his early works like Red Storm Rising, The Hunt for Red October, and Patriot Games.  He was an amazing writer and, even after his death, his brand lives on with a number of contributing authors writing books inspired by his ideas and characters.

For today's writing exercise, let's draw on Tom Clancy for inspiration.  There is a Russian invasion under way.  It must be repulsed.  If the Russians were fighting the United States or NATO, it might be an easy epic to write.  But, let's not make it easy, instead the Russians are invading Sweden.  For today's writing exercise, write a short piece of fiction from a fight between one of the world's most liberal countries and a resurgent Russia.  Today's writing prompt is short fiction from the -

Fight for Scandinavia

Here are a few cool videos of the Swedes in action.

As a smaller power, the Swedes plan for a guerilla war in the skies.  Here's a Saab Gripen fighter making a pit stop on a country road.

When the skies are full of enemy aircraft and the seas are full of hostile ships, the Swedes don't want to be seen.  Here's a stealthy corvette from the Swedish Navy.

Good luck prospective techno-thriller writers!

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