Friday, July 12, 2019

Word Prompt: Roll your Dice and Write Real Nice

It can be a challenge to write about random things.  For today's writing exercise, we need a standard six-side die.  If you don't have any dice laying abouot, you can visit the dice roller at

We will throw the die three times and your story prompt will be to write a story based on the results.  The pattern of the story will be.

A (die throw 1 result) must (die throw 2 result) a (die throw 3 result).

If the result doesn't make sense, feel free to change a verb or preposition in the prompt.  For example, "a soldier must escape a treasure" may become "a soldier must escape with a treasure."

Throw 1 - The Subject

1.  Soldier
2.  Detective
3.  Sea Captain
4.  Prince or Princess
5.  Witch or Warlock
6.  School child

Throw 2 - The Predicate

1. Find
2. Escape
3. Destroy
4. Hide
5. Steal

Throw 3 - The Object

6. Treasure

When I tried the random roller with three dice, I got a 6, 4, and 5.  If I were to write a story based on that -

A school child must hide a village.

If you need an extra challenge, go set your oven timer for 10 minutes and get cracking!

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