Sunday, March 17, 2019

Writing Prompt: Set in a Diner

Diners and restaurants serve as a gathering place and as a setting for many events.  You can set anything from a relationship conversation to a robbery in a restaurant.  Today, we'll use an old photo for a vicarious visit O.K. Cafe in Atlanta, Georgia, and I'll set out a lunch meal of meatloaf, broccoli, fried green tomatoes, and cornbread for all y'all.  While I set this virtual* table, take some time to come up with a story idea.  Today's writing prompt is to write a short story that takes place in -

A Diner or Restaurant

Meatloaf at OK Cafe in Atlanta, Georgia
*Virtual means that I am not providing any actual food for writers.  I am just as broke as the rest of you.  Just enjoy the photo . . .

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